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All the goods of our company are prepared, packaged and delivered directly to our warehouse by Shell Tsing Yi Blending Factory. All products are stored in the company's warehouse according to the shell guidelines to ensure the quality of the products. In order to provide high-quality "Made in Hong Kong" products to customers.

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​Professional suggestions

With many different products in the market, customers may not be able to choose the most suitable product for their vehicles. According to the needs of customers (e.g.  targeted vehicle, specifications, etc.), we will analyze and provide you with the most suitable suggestions based on the shell guidelines and past experience.

Shell also provides easy-to-use tools,Shell LubeMatch as reference tAssist users.

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Order and Delivery



送貨服務會因應用家地區有所不同 (我們盡可能將送貨安排在2-3個工作天內)

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